Margaret Tucker

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We have a built-in, organic way to heal trauma and it’s so simple: kindness and connection. If we have enough of both, then we are not traumatized.

When the multitude of passengers landed in Newfoundland during 9/11, the local people instinctively knew what to do. That province has faced many tragedies and hardships so they don't shy away from helping people in need. And what they did was so human: they simply never left anyone alone. They fed everyone, sat with them and listened, entertained them and made sure that everyone was cared for and connected. As a result, many Newfoundland families now have newly adopted members.

Because we’re social creatures, we cannot heal in isolation. Because trauma is in the nervous system and not in the event, we’re hard-wired to heal in the presence of another and this is why somatic therapies do heal trauma. There is a belief out there that once you’re traumatized, you’ll never recover and it simply isn’t true.